Base Fabrics

Our Mission

We strongly believe in supporting the Kenyan textile industry. Cotton farming and textile production used be a big industry in Kenya until cheaper imported fabrics put them out of business.

One of our core aims is to help restore this industry to it’s former glory by ensuring that we only buy locally produced fabric for our base fabrics. Sadly cotton farming in Kenya is pretty much non-existent nowadays and the Kenyan textile mills are buying their cotton from Uganda & Tanzania.

It’s our hope to generate enough demand for Kenyan Textiles by integrating it with innovative, contemporary, textile design – so that Kenyan farmers can also see the benefits of growing cotton again.

It’s a big dream but we have to start somewhere!

By buying our fabrics – you are helping to restore a dwindling industry that has HUGE potential to become a powerhouse in the economic future of Kenya.

Fabric Details

Our base fabrics are produced in a textile mill in Nairobi and are made from 100% African Cotton.
Fabric widths of all base fabrics are 150 cm/60 inches wide.

All base fabrics are pre washed at the mill before printing to help alleviate shrinkage. However, as with all natural fibre fabrics, we recommend allowing for 5% shrinkage to be on the safe side.
We currently have 3 different weights of base fabrics as follows:

  • Light Weight: Suitable for light weight ‘floaty’ curtains, or curtains that need to be heavily gathered & soft furnishings
  • Medium Weight: Suitable for heavier curtains, soft furnishings & indoor upholstery
  • Heavy Weight: Suitable for indoor & veranda upholstery & soft furnishings

Our base fabrics all come in a natural off white colour (the natural cotton colour) and in the medium weight – we also offer a bleached white base, which works well with brighter colours.

The colour & weave of the base fabrics can vary from batch to batch.

Fabric Care

The dyes used on our fabrics have been properly fixed so all fabrics are washable.

To best preserve the life of the print we recommend a gentle hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent with line drying.
A cool machine wash with mild detergent at 30˚C is also fine, as is a short, cool tumble dry.

To avoid creases, we recommend ironing the fabric inside out whilst still damp.

For cushions covers it’s best to return the covers to the inserts slightly damp, for a snug fit.

After washing, the fabric softens and the weave starts showing through the printed areas adding a beautiful texture. This natural wearing of the fabric is part of the process, adding a charm in keeping with the hand printed nature of the fabric.

It’s best to keep the fabrics out of direct sunlight for longevity.

We love the fabrics we work with and printing onto them gives us so much satisfaction. We hope you will share this same love and satisfaction too.