Into a Blog


‘Into a blog’ – sounds a bit like ‘into a fog’.

Which is how I’m feeling at the minute – a bit foggy about the world of blogging. A world never ventured before – unclear and uncertain of what’s ahead.

But ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’ – right? So this is it – my first step into the fog.

Why? Because I have finally launched the website for Simply Sandara – it’s finally up and out there. The website has been TOUGH to create in many ways than one! But the most difficult thing has been writing the copy. There is SO much to convey about the business – it’s story, the art & creativity, it’s core purpose and visions for the future – but it’s SO hard to capture all this essence into a few measly words on the website.

So – someone said ‘write a blog – fill in the gaps as you go along’. Argh – I’ve struggled enough with the website copy – how am I going to write a blog! Writing is not my forte.

But they’re right – a blog gives me the space for a more expansive explanation of why, how and what we do but most importantly it gives me a space to connect with you – our friends, followers, fellow creatives and customers.

So I’m calling our new blog ‘the heart of it’.

I’m certain there will be some fumbling in the fog as I get started – so bear with me – otherwise it’s my hope to make this a fun, interesting and inspirational space to be.

Let’s go!

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